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A Website Needs A Content Marketing Strategy

What Is Content Marketing? 

Content Marketing is a type of digital marketing that involves website development and the creation and sharing of online content that is part of an online buying cycle and is intended to stimulate interest in its products and/or services.

Creating a Digital Content Marketing Strategy starts with a beautifully designed website and a content marketing plan. You need to determine the best topics to write that will convert your readers into customers. You will also need to get that content into the search results and high enough for your target audience to see and click on to get to your website and content. Then you will finally want to measure the results from your content marketing strategy.







Why Websites Need Content Marketing?

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Large, medium, and small businesses will want to invest in content marketing to drive traffic, engage prospects, and move readers through the Online Buying Cycle.

Other reasons why a business should invest in content marketing includes:

  • It costs less money, because it provides a long-term value.
  • You get 3 times the number of leads from content marketing than from paid advertising.
  • It helps convert and close deals. 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. (Demand Gen Report, 2016)
  • It drives a lot more traffic.

How to Write Effective Copy for Content Marketing

To write and create effective content marketing, it must be compelling, convincing, and persuasive.

15 Steps to Creating Content Marketing for Websites

  1. Keep It Simple:
    • Be clear and use bite-size pieces of content. Stay on point and don’t use run-on sentences. Use adjectives and rich sensory copy that involves sight, sounds, and feelings.
  2. Know Your Subject:
    • Please, do your homework. Informed readers will quickly call you out if you create false information.
  3. Use Sexy Subject Lines:
    • Don’t be boring! Use subject lines that will keep your readers interested and informed.
  4. Play Off-The Reader’s Fear:
    • People will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. Invoking pain will increase fear among your readers.
  5. Solve A Problem:
    • Often solving a problem will solve a pain point. Focus on the one thing that will solve the pain they are dealing with.
  6. Talk The Language:
    • You will need to know and understand your target audience in order to communicate effectively.
  7. Leverage A Story:
    • Use stories from the past to help convey important lessons. Use 2-3 solid stories to keep the reader engaged.
  8. Don’t Use Passive Voice:
    • Stay in the present – always! Don’t say, “the taste was improved by the honey”. Instead say, “The honey improved the taste”.
  9. Make An Irresistible Offer:
    • Add a lot of value. Add as much value as possible. You want a reader to feel like they’re getting a good deal. You can also add complementary products or services. Give them something so they feel like they can’t pass it up.
  10. Use Urgency:
    • Add a deadline. You need to compel people to take an action. Some effective statements include, “offer will expire”, “how many seats”, “number of items are left”, “a limited time”.
  11. Obtain Testimonials:
    • Happy customers are often willing to give a testimonial. This increase trust among readers and potential customers.
  12. Ask Questions:
    • Readers who answer questions unknowingly make small commitments. Stay away from complex questions.
  13. Use Clear Call-To-Actions (CTA):
    • Make it clear, not ambiguous. If you want readers to click something, say it. If you want readers to go to a particular page and fill out a form, tell them to do so.
  14. Write For Conversation:
    • Make yourself highly relatable and easy to understand. Speak like a friend. Be transparent. Be a friend or mentor. Use “Conclusion”, “P.S.” or “Dear Friend”.
  15. Read Your Copy Out-Loud:
    • Read your writing out-loud! Seriously, read it over and over again. By doing so, you will perfect your content that will be more enjoyable and informative which will be greatly appreciated by your readers and search engines.
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How to Get Started With Content Marketing for Your Website

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It can be difficult to get started with content marketing. You will want to know what your end-user pain points are. Understanding the customer journey will help considerably when you are writing sales copy.

  1. Know your target audience.
  2. Understand what your readers are searching for online.
  3. Include all the subtopics and sub-subtopics related to the main theme of your product or service.
  4. Organize your content in a sequential flow or in relationship to each other.

Measure the Success of Your Content Marketing

Measuring success of a website and its content marketing campaign always depends on the objectives you’ve stated before starting any content building. However, trying to prove the effectiveness of content marketing can sometimes seem elusive. Measuring the way your website visitors interact with your content is a good way to make sure you’re attracting traffic that’s interested in what you have to offer.

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Content Marketing vs. PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

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Content marketing, on average, is less expensive than paid advertising. Obviously, the cost differences between the two can fluctuate depending on how little or how much you spend on either type of marketing, but in general, it’s easier to keep your spending low with content marketing than with paid ads.

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s research content marketing brings in about three times the number of leads then pay-per click can. Additionally, about 50% of marketers confirm content marketing has a significant ROI – if it’s done correctly.

However, you can reap the rewards of both sides by promoting content across owned, earned, and paid media. Think of content as your pot of gold and paid advertisements as the rainbow that leads consumers there.

How to Find & Work with a Content Marketing Agency

We can find many different ways to create marketing content for a website until we’re blue in the face, but at the end of the day, there’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Anyone who says they know EXACTLY what you should be creating and how you should be finding leads for your website is lying.

Testing different methods of content creation is an excellent way to find which strategy works best for your website and business. Spend time figuring out what appeals the most to your target audience, then learn to create different types of content for your website. If you are short on time, hiring a content marketer can help speed-up the process and give you better results.

NoSweatWeb is a CONTENT MARKETING AGENCY that develops and manages targeted content strategies from blogs, graphics and video to SEO, social and more.  We can fuel your website with content and increase results with content marketing campaigns that take your prospects through the buyer’s journey and become long-term customers.

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