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Are you a small business or nonprofit and don’t know where to start with your written content for your website? You’ve found the right content writing agency. Businesses need websites that have engaging, high-quality SEO optimized content to establish trust, provide resources, and funnel sales.

Finding a writer that can provide content in your preferred voice while still meeting your business needs can be difficult. Luckily, you’ve landed on here. We have several long-term clients that repeatedly come back to us for a simple reason: We generate QUALIFIED LEADS. We can help you with page funnels, blog articles, product descriptions, and other creative writing. Need to launch a new website or update an existing one? Reach out to No Sweat Web and let’s do business!

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We attract qualified leads using creative writing so your web pages will rank high within search results.


Engaging readers with creative writing will ensure your readers will stay on your site longer and potentially help solve problems.


Creative writing allows a business to convert qualified leads into lasting customers and clients that become advocates.

The Buyer’s Journey Begins

Attracting Qualified Leads


Online competition is high and your website needs visitors. Digital marketers have found there is a process to attracting and selling to online readers which is known as the Buyer’s Journey. The first stage is Attracting relevant traffic to your site which requires content to be Informational, Provide Awareness, and inspire with an Intent to Learn.

You have the power to help users find more information to educated and help solve problems.

To attract relevant traffic, you will need to publish a series of blog posts, articles, and pages on common symptoms to their problems. Questions are usually the first place to attract visitors to a website.

Writing Examples that Attract Readers to Your Site Include:

  • “How_____?”
  • “What_____?”
  • “When_____?”
  • “Cost of_____”
  • “_____Symptoms”
  • “Feeling______”
  • “Reason for_____”
  • “Best Way to______”
  • The Difference Between_____”

It’s important to provide value at this stage of writing. No sales pitch. It usually takes several articles to be truly effective. The goal here is to attract visitors, inform them and move them into the next stage of the Buyers Journey – Engagement.

Engaging Readers

Engaging your online visitor will help them find potential solutions to buy to solve their problem(s). At this stage in the buyers journey, they have defined their problem and you will need to become the authority on the subject. Don’t let your visitor down with weak content. It’s your responsibility help your readers by creating pages to feature your latest product or service that will help them solve their problems.

Types of pages and content to highlight your products and services includes:

  • Landing Pages
  • Ebooks
  • PDFs
  • Checklists
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies/Charts
  • Video Reviews
  • Webinars
  • Evaluations
  • Fact-Checking
  • Testimonials

Types of creative writing to build trust and authority:

  • “Best____”
  • “Types of_____”
  • “Compare____”
  • “____vs_____”
  • “Benefits of______”
  • “ROI for ______”
  • “Experts”
  • “Certified”

Once you have informed and educated your readers, its’ time to more them into the conversion stage with an intent to buy of the buyers journey.

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Converting Visitors into Customers 

At, we serve Nashville by providing fast, affordable and LOCAL web design services.

The final stage of the buyer’s journey is the conversion stage, also known as the decision, transactional, or intent-to-buy stage.

At this point, your reader has decided that the type of product or service you offer is the best option to meet their needs. Make this information easy to find on your website, but again, don’t be pushy with it, and don’t assume all site visitors will be interested in it before they’re ready. Buyers usually spend significant amount time researching and reading reviews, and other materials to gain confidence in their decision. Further their confidence by providing them a way to buy or commit to your product or service.

Written Content at the conversion stage will include the following:

  • “Buy”
  • “Order”
  • “Sale for”
  • “Find”
  • “Cheap”
  • “Reasonable”
  • “Hire”
  • “Free”
  • “Trial”
  • “Demo”
  • “Audit”

Using content, messaging, and competing offers will often acquire new customers.

Partnership With Creative Writers

Designing and developing your website is a great service. But we know your needs aren’t going to stop there. That’s why NoSweatWeb continues to partner with you after the launch of your website. We want you to feel comfortable knowing you will have constant traffic and increased sales.  

Every website is going to competitors. Our Creative Writing Team can address any issues and come up with a plan to out-rank your competitors. Our team of professional writers love words, language, and transforming your ideas into creative solutions, whether in articles, blog posts, or documents.

From product descriptions to marketing, we are a well-reputed, talented, and diverse group of writers that can hone in on words, tone, and voice to any audience. We know and understand the golden rules of writing content from websites. We also specialize in citation management for local business and offer management in Google My Business.

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