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What is SEO ?

search engine optimization

SEO is a key practice used by digital marketing agencies to increase website traffic, giving a website a spot in the search engines, or SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). 

When someone enters a search term or a keyword, search engines return a list of websites that match the criteria of the word or phrase being searched. Your website content determines how your website will appear to all search engines across the entire internet. This is why a well-written website has a stronger chance of ranking on the first page of the search engine results pages, or SERPs. If your content contains search terms relevant to your products and services, your website can potentially appear as close to #1 as possible. This is the ultimate goal.

Many businesses do better in local markets, providing users closest to a business an opportunity to interact with customer service representatives, especially if a business has a brick-and-mortar store or a local place of business. Companies such as insurance agencies, real estate agencies, law firms and local eateries thrive using local SEO practices.

Local SEO obtains its strongest benefit through Google My Business. As we discussed before, most of the local search is now done on some sort of mobile device or tablet. If a potential customer is looking for a specific type of product or service, they will input a keyword search into their preferred device and the mobile browser will return results from all of the businesses in their immediate vicinity based on the user’s actual location. This is powerful! Businesses with a verified Google My Business listing have a stronger chance of patronage because the user can either call or get directions directly through their device. Websites that are not mobile friendly potentially lose their chances with customers because full websites display text and images as very small in mobile browsers and are seen as “behind the times”.

Our SEO Process

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keywords strategically placed in the site content play a critical role in determining the ranking of a website on the Search Engine Results Page. Search engines pay close attention to keywords within in site content. Optimizing content with strategic keywords shows the search engines that your site is providing users with exactly what they need. Search Engines like Google reward websites with high rankings when the content is concise and suitable to the user’s search.

NoSweatWeb has SEO experts who are familiar with the search engine algorithms and rules associated with optimizing a website. We fully analyze your site for appropriate wording, product and service description, as well as keyword terms commonly used, based on a user’s search habits.

Optimizing Page Content

Content on a website page isn’t just the words, it’s also imagery and the order in which things are positioned on the page. Search engine algorithms scan down a page to determine whether all of the page content properly and accurately represents the intent of the product or service. Optimizing a page’s content means knowing what search engines require in order to classify a website’s content appropriately for a user’s needs.

NoSweatWeb SEO experts have extensive experience understanding how a search engine operates and which practices are acceptable. We know how a user searches, we understand their habits and we know how a search engine will react to the content we provide. It’s a science and an art, and we have what it takes!


As we mentioned earlier, local SEO helps businesses with search visibility, beginning with a local audience. Mobile devices, along with a Google My Business listing, deliver business location information, such as Name, Address and Phone Number, to people searching for a particular product or service. Out-of-town visitors also get a huge benefit from a business listing, eager to find what they are looking for in unfamiliar places using mobile locator services on their device.

Local citation optimization makes sure your Name, Address and Phone Number are accurate. NSW uses the latest in citation building to ensure that your brand is consistent across the web. We also make sure that your brand is properly classified to make search engine results accurate. No more lost business due to a wrong address or phone number. We work out these details so that you can be found!

Evaluating and Consulting

SEO is never instantaneous. Once a site is completed, NoSweatWeb begins the evaluation phase of the overall performance and traffic of the website. We use monthly reports to tell us where a site is performing the best, as well as areas that can be improved. We have an arsenal of tools that we use to monitor and audit every aspect of the website’s data.

Once we have collected enough data to analyze, we sit down and make a list of wins and a list of areas where things could be improved. Sometimes a website can be built with all of the bells and whistles, but still, require additional off-page SEO. Our team can consult with you on essential marketing strategies to move your goals along. We consider every type of suitable marketing strategy, especially Social Media ad buying, as well as recommending regular blogging. Connecting with your audience is also SEO!

Why Is SEO Important?

All search engines have their own algorithms, which are used to rank websites. Optimizing a website to meet the requirements of the algorithms is not only essential, it can make or break a website’s visibility. SEO provides the algorithm with vital data, like a business name, company logo, types of products and services and how often a website is updated with fresh content. That last part? This cannot be stressed enough. It’s like buying fruits or vegetables in a grocery store. If it doesn’t look fresh and inviting, no one is going to buy it. The older it is  … well, you know the rest. It’s exactly the same with website content. The more fresh content you provide to your audience, the more they come back! Users want to see trend topics pop up in your news, they want to see how approachable you are and whether they can reach out to your company and get a response. This means on-page SEO and off-page social media interaction. Frequently posting photos, videos and offering TWO handfuls of ways to reach you create an environment that shows how accessible your company is or if your products and services are creating a buzz around the internet. The more you talk, the more they listen. NoSweatWeb understands these algorithms and we are proud of the success that we have had with SEO.

ways THAT SEO growS your business

    • SEO helps to boost your Search Engine Rankings
    • User-friendly, SEO optimized websites can be easily found by search engines
    • SEO helps build brand awareness
    • It can help raise your sales and profits
    • Fresh content that is SEO optimized attracts more visitors
    • Staying current with the latest SEO strategies puts you ahead of your competitors
    • On-page and off-page SEO puts your name into the global market in a variety of locations on the internet

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