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What is eCommerce?

Selling Your Products Or Services Online

In today’s digital world, a small business does not have to have a brick-and-mortar store in order to participate in the global market. If you do have a small brick-and-mortar location, you have an even greater opportunity to increase your profits, while building a solid customer base. If your customers can’t come to you, you can go to them!

As we discussed before, there is a segment of buyers who rely on purchasing what they want and need online. This is your opportunity to meet a customer where they are and still maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction, regardless of time and space. People with limitations, whether time or other, are now wide open to your products and services 24/hours a day. The possibilities are endless!

When the internet was new, issues like site security and payment difficulties were the barriers that kept buyers and potential clients from fully engaging in the global market of products and services.

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Today, experts in the industry have created a buying environment that offers a sense of security, ease of use and global money exchange options never before possible. Those barriers are gone! Now, the sky’s the limit, and with the frequency of customer reviews, buyers can shop securely, confidently and fully enjoy the flexibility and choices offered by small businesses that would otherwise be forced to compete with larger companies. This is why eCommerce is becoming a preferred way to move inventory and increase ROI. Small Business entrepreneurs with unique products or specialty services can use their eCommerce website to provide every type of customer something that they may not find anywhere else. This is why we should all be excited!

Our Ecommerce Process


Before starting an eCommerce site online, you need to have a business architecture in place that addresses everything from categories to check out options. NoSweatWeb is exceptionally qualified to sit down with you and work out all of the finite details from beginning to end. We are the trusted business partner you deserve.

Our experts start with research and discovery. Knowing your competition, as well as monitoring market trends and buyer habits, begins with a collection of marketing data. Sitting down with an individual or small business helps us to understand your expectations and long-term goals. Your office, our office or call conferencing; we make it easiest for you and your busy schedule. After a plan has been established, we can set milestones and work towards achieving wins right out of the gate.


This phase plays a major role in determining how a buyer uses your eCommerce site. The experience of buying products or services online, from choosing to checkout, is an essential part of design and development. If the buyer is unhappy with the flow of the design, along with the checkout process, they are less likely to show tolerance and come back a second time, and even less likely to recommend your brand to others.

Our developers are also consumers and this is why we have so much confidence in our design and development process. The type of product or service that you are selling determines what kind of layout that we will choose. The discovery process reveals the overall complexity of the user experience. Things like filtering, categories, product descriptions, and pricing are all part of the data collection phase. Our partnership doesn’t have to be frustrating or overwhelming. Our developers are highly skilled and can make expert recommendations to make the buyer’s journey easy, leading to successful conversions. Afterall, the end goal is to get your brand into the market. In most cases, the user experience results in positive product reviews, social media mentions and word of mouth advertising. If they love it, we have certainly done our job right.


This phase is where we started dotting “I’s” and crossing “T’s”. There are 2 parts to a launch:

1. Enabling all of the eCommerce elements, such as cart options and payment methods, as well as establishing a connection to a valid merchant account like PayPal or Stripe. We also address any state taxes, where applicable. Then, we use a test payment method to confirm a successful sale.

2. Once all payment tests are complete, we do a full Quality Assurance evaluation on all of the content and correct any errors. After that, we get back together with you and determine the best time for launch, and then it’s all systems go!


Now that your eCommerce site is up and running, it’s time to put that well-planned marketing strategy into place. There are many ways to drive customers to your eCommerce site, and NoSweatWeb is the expert at ALL of them!

Depending on the pricing and package options, which is decided in advance, you can start beating the streets with your message. Any marketing strategy should include both SEO and social media engagement. Organic traffic can be a challenge if you’re new to the eCommerce scene, but you have options. Social media advertising, blogging and Pay Per Click, or PPC, are recommended ways to jump-start a new business or revive an existing one. Whichever path you take, our eCommerce experts have the skills and advice to make you a superstar on the internet!

Benefits of eCommerce

E-commerce has many benefits for small business owners, as well as individuals. Before eCommerce became a common method of shopping, business owners were tasked with manually managing their data, advertising their products and attracting customers using traditional print, TV and radio. With eCommerce, data management has made it considerably easier. This is an extremely cost effective method to advertise your products, compared to the methods which were used with traditional marketing alone. Software designers stepped up to the plate and developed accounting integration software like Quickbooks, which made inventory control and easy data changes possible. Today, we see Apple Pay terminals in coffee shops and delis, QR Codes for purchasing books, music and more, and many other payment methods using data management software. Most of these pay terminals are using accounting management software for re-ordering merchandise and paying employees. Many of these same businesses sell products and services online, syncing brick-and-mortar and eCommerce solutions into one dashboard. Talk about innovation!!

How Your eCommerce Website Grows Your Business

    • Introduces your products and services to new audiences
    • It helps boosts sales resulting in financial profits
    • ECommerce sites are responsive for all browsers, making it user-friendly
    • It gives your website a better chance of ranking within the Search Engine Results Page (Serps)
    • It creates brand awareness in the global market
    • It accelerates your ROI (Return On Investment)

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